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Morgan Officially placed on IR according to

Has some insight on the injury, but nothing official.
Damn! Our best WR too.
It sure looked serious to me, it is no ones fault, they wanted Kap getting full speed snaps with 1st team WR's this is football injuries happen. Someone needs to step up and take care of things. That is just the way it is, hopefully Braylon is back soon.
Sprain, if it was a bad break they wouldn't have carried him off like that. He would have been carted off of the field.
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We still have Crabtree, VD, Walker, Ginn and Williams
Looked real serious to me.

Put a damper on an otherwise euphoric afternoon.
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zegler time
fingers crossed that its just a sprain and he'll be back after the bye.

time for Ginn and Williams to step up.
It's not exactly running up the score... we need to get our rookie 2nd round QB some in game reps throwing the ball, it was a perfect time to do it.
When do we get Braylon back

That was just depressing! Should've kicked the field goal! Kyle Williams needs to step up big!!
Originally posted by Joecool:
Damn! Our best WR too.

the best WR was already hurt.
Originally posted by Schulzy:
Looked real serious to me.

Put a damper on an otherwise euphoric afternoon.

I would be bummed if I thought the 49ers could not win without him. I'm fine. Hope Morgan gets better.
Well, lets hope Kyle Williams can step up.
I understand getting Kaepernick some experience with the 4th down call, but it does suck that Morgan got hurt. Really sucks. Fortunately we should have Edwards back after the bye week in 3 weeks, but this really hurts us against the Lions. But Morgan's injury aside, pretty much a perfect game from the 49ers.
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