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Our defensive backfield is very bad. Vick threw for over 400 yards. I love the front seven but our defensive backs make me want to . And unless the 49ers fix this problem the offense will be asked to make a lot more comebacks in the near future. But Ill enjoy this win all week and pray the DB's pick up their game real soon.

They won't face speed like this very often, most qbs especially good ones do not have the escapability of Vick.

exactly, the 9ers wont be facing a fast offense like this the remainder of the yr. the eagles have the fastest offense in the league, name me 1 defense that has NOT given up big plays to maclin and jackson as well look like fools trying to sack vick. i just hope in the future we can find a wr like maclin or jackson theyre awesome weapons to have

They also threw it deep like 1000 times.

Our DB's were a part in only giving up 3 points in the second half.

Yup. The only thing they could do was pass because they were getting dominated in the run. It wasn't even close. Vick, DJAX, and Maclin are great so the yards were there. We held in the redzone when their speed didn't matter and they could not run at all.