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Michael Crabtree

Is it too early to say we f'ed up in drafting him rather than oher and then dez bryant?

He was the cause of 2 interceptions and clearly doesnt give a s**t out there.
I can see where vernons coming from now.
What can be done if anything to change this rather big problem.
Im sick of this, either get with the team concept or get out.

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Vernon has every reason to yell at his prima donna a$$
Sing needs to do to Crabtree what he did to Davis and humble his ass

Hakeem Nicks will bee a better receiver than Crabtree, imo....
Yeah, did you see him talking crap on the sideline?

Vernon should go after him again.
The guy doesn't play in any preseason games, acting like it doesn't matter. Sure the throw to his high shoulder was pretty hard, but this is the NFL, you still gotta make that catch IMO (Alex sucked ass this game, no excuses for him either - but that's for another thread). People were saying that playing in Preseason doesn't really matter, but check out this comment by Kevin Lynch:

"Comment: Can a wide receiver lose a game by himself? Michael Crabtree is trying. On radio, they are saying that Crabtree ran the wrong route that lead to the Trufant pick and score. Receivers coach Jerry Sullivan was all over Crabtree when he came to the sideline. Now, do you bench him?"

That's embarrassing for Crabtree who felt the need to sit out of every pre season game. f**k.
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. Disappointed. Not saying the kid doesn't have any talent, but from his rookie hold out, to his reluctance to play in the preseason it just shows selfishness. Gary Plummer was correct to call him out today he should of been benched.
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Vernon should have beat his a** instead of just yelling on him. 0 - 8 in preseason and boy does he look it.

~ Quits on routes.
~ Runs the wrong routes.
~ Doesn't know his routes.

Do you think a little more practice time would have been good for him? He is a prima donna no doubt.
Too early but the red lights are on.


yah, he certainly lost the game for us

where was Vernon davis at today? Seems like he wasnt even apart of the gameplan
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lets give the guy time to develop, thats what we do here in SF, right?
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OMG please stop...

is wrong w/ people?!?
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Unlike Smith, Crabtree produced in his rookie year. He gets a pass today (but still deserves a LOT of criticism), but needs to turn it around, starting next week.
Originally posted by ads_2006:

yah, he certainly lost the game for us

where was Vernon davis at today? Seems like he wasnt even apart of the gameplan

Duh, it'd make too much sense to use him.
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