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Nickname for Sheets

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
4th string RB's don't deserve nicknames.
Originally posted by MoistButtCheeks:
Funny, that popped into my head for a sec too lol.
Originally posted by area49:
We've talked before about a nickname for Gore and Coffee (Frank and Beans). What about Sheets?

Anyone think "Dunder Mifflin" might fit? You know, sheets, paper.

yeah, because everyone on the entire team, even those who havent netted a single regular season yard in a 49er uniform, needs a nickname.

can we please make somebody earn a nickname for once? or let one happen naturally? and no more "M-Rob" crap. that was the worst one ever. its like calling Josh Morgan "J-Morg". terrible.

im not sure anyone on this team has a legit nickname. not even Willis. you have to let one develop over time. "Bam Bam" was Chad Ochocinco's nickname for Willis, and we all know that guy is a total idiot.
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What should we call the fans always looking for a nick name?
slash since he runs better outside
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Originally posted by Mex49:
What should we call the fans always looking for a nick name?

YELLOW sheets

Kory "I need a lady in the streets, but a freak in the.." SHEETS
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