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QB Sam Darnold is a Viking

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Good move?
Best 3rd stringer in the league
as a 3rd stringer, meh ok.
Wonder the price ?
Originally posted by jersey49er:
Wonder the price ?

he pays us to play?
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I like it. It gives us another 49er QB to poop on.
lol Shanny and his crushes
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Super Bowl !
Excellent signing

Waiting for the price. But I like the move. Thought he played decent when Panthers went back to him at the end of the year. More options for us is a good thing.
They signed another qb coach.
I think Purdy us gonna be out 4 the year this is a good signing and insurance 2
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Awesome!!! Love this signing!!!
3rd stringer perfectly fine especially over the Josh Johnson types and even don't mind it as the back up to Trey until Purdy comes back
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