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Tom Brady, QB retires again

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Well, rumor is he didn't want to retire, but his family vetoed him.

Unsurpassable career, regardless. I'll always be sad that he fell in our lap and we took this:

Originally posted by ninerjok:
If the Buccaneers don't do anything their current starting QB is Blaine Gabbert lol. Hey Tampa Bay we have a QB you can take off our hands he doesn't throw quite as many picks as Gabbert.

They used a 2nd round pick on Kyle Trask last year. I'm guessing he'd be the expected starter. Gabbert isn't even on the roster anymore as he's a free agent to be.
Tampa Bay being relevant has also just retired.
Originally posted by SlipAndSlideBosa:
Tampa Bay being relevant has also just retired.


go back to being a s**thole
Originally posted by dangerbird:
What a long, strange trip it's been.

I'm a goin' home
Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong
Back home, sit down and patch my bones
And get back truckin' on
f**k this b***h. Good riddance.

But at least this should drive up the quarterback market as the BUCS need one bad.
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Good riddance you whiny ass crybaby cheating b***h
Man the NFC South is going downhill fast. Tough week for the Bucs and Saints.
Originally posted by pdfortune:
Man the NFC South is going downhill fast. Tough week for the Bucs and Saints.

NFC West is going to be the only teams representing in the NFC.

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Originally posted by Heroism:

lol Tom just spent a day at home without having to prep for a football game and thought, "naw I wanna be back on the football field".
I think he probably wasn't fully ready to retire. he had a good couple of years left for sure...but he is Giselle's b**ch...cause he has deflated balls. Lol.

Buh bye.

One Brady hissy fit I remember was a game against the Niners where he got frustrated, spiked the ball and yelled..hilarious moment.

goat back, baby.
Originally posted by Heroism:

goat back, baby.

NFL wasn't the same without him. Glad the goats back
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