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Aaron Rodgers, QB, NY Jets

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Aaron Rodgers, QB, NY Jets

IMO, Aaron Rodgers is done, 1 SB and done. So is GB especially if McCarthy is fired, which I'm looking forward to.
Losing to Cousins (Vikings good D, great weapons on offense) and the raise of Trubisky (Bears D is raising also) means the Packers aren't going to be dominating that division anymore.
And GB defense has decline every season since their SB and was never that good and they have no running game, they've never really fixed or address those 2 issues. Clay Matthews is old also and might move on as well lol.
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he looks disinterested in my opinion. when he skips balls on the ground in front of his wide outs. if you listen real close you can almost hear aikman and bucks skin crawl and hear them sob., but its rodgers so. unlike,. other players they will not focus on that. they will just say.. you never want rodgers to have the ball back at crunch time... unless its against our team
Hope not.
Sounds like the team might be on the downswing but he's far from being done.
Nah people thought breez was done a few years back and look at him now.
Originally posted by susweel:
Nah people thought breez was done a few years back and look at him now.

Brees has luck this year and NO D is pretty good finally.. I don't see that luck for Rodgers anymore lol.
ya a couple bad games and he's garbage now. they should cut him and resign McCarthy to a 10 year contract.
He needs a retooling.
If you've got some free time, this is an excellent read about Rodgers, the Packers, and where it all went wrong.

No not even close. If he had a McVay, Shanahan or another creative OC this wouldn't even be a question.

Trippin. Still one of the best.
Is he done? No.
Will he get another shot at a Super Bowl? Not with his current supporting cast and likely not with whoever is making the personnel decisions in Green Bay.
Get Rodgers the playcalling and weapons of goff or Mahomes and dude would have 50+ TDs
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Boy, we really dodged a bullet by drafting Alex over this bum.
he's throwing to Valdes-Scantling and St. Brown.
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