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Everson Griffin asked by Vikings to stay away from team

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Will be be praying for this dude.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Will be be praying for this dude.

Well said!
Originally posted by SteveWallacesHelmet:
Crazy story.

Screw football, hope he gets through this.
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The description sounds like bipolar disorder, not necessarily CTE. Bipolar is such a difficult thing to treat. Finding the right med or combination of meds is the first challenge. The next thing is for the patient to STAY on the meds. The normal pattern is they take the meds until they feel normal again then stop taking them. Of course then they soon lapse back into the manic phase and things really go hay wire. My wife's family has a long history of this. SO hard on everyone one. Gotta pray for this guy.
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I wonder if he returns at all this year
Originally posted by susweel:
Can we trade for him.

Another team will match our offer and throw in a bag of sunflower seeds on top of it. We won't match it, but we will have "went in hard" to get him.

All jokes aside, hopefully he gets the help he needs and returns when he's ready.
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I hope he retires. Football has done enough damage to his mental health.
This is the main reason I'm always for the players getting every last penny they can. Hope the guy is ok.
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