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Everson Griffin asked by Vikings to stay away from team

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They requested through his agent that he go and get a mental health screening before he returned to the team. Apparently blew up at the team facility and just completely snapped, later he threatened to shoot someone and then jumped out of an ambulance on his way to a mental health evaluation.

Just two days after the Minnesota Vikings told defensive lineman Everson Griffen that he would not be allowed at practice until he received a mental health evaluation, Griffen was transported to a metal health facility after he threatened to shoot someone at a hotel in Minneapolis and was acting erratically at home, according to a police report from the Minnetrista Police Department. The previously reported incident at the hotel was the culmination of weeks of strange behavior by Griffen, of which team p

Tiffany said that Everson has not been acting normal lately. She stated that last Sunday on 09-16-18 they were sleeping and in the middle of the night he got up and left. Tiffany said that he does this from time to time as he is fighting with "demons" in his head and that it's normal for him to run away and has done this throughout his life. Tiffany said that Everson didn't return home until Wednesday 09-19-18. He said they verbally argued for a little bit and left about an hour later. Tiffany said that Everson didn't return home until earlier in the moming Saturday 09-22-l8. Tiffany said she was taking a shower and he walked into the bathroom and the first thing he said to her was "So who Died?" Everson then made a comment about "I just want help." Tiffany said he didn't make any sense and asked him what he was talking about. A short time later Everson told Tiffany to get the f**k out.
According to Leslie Pico, the player development director for the Minnesota Vikings, Everson, a three-time pro bowler who this season was elected team captain for the third straight year, "has really been struggling for the past few weeks."

From the police report:
[Pico] stated that Everson is facing a possible divorce with his wife. Pico said that during practice this past week Everson has been explosive, screaming and yelling in the work place. Pico said that management sent him and his agent a letter on Thursday 09-20-18 stating he is not allowed back until he has a mental health evaluation. Pico said Everson has paranoia and has been repeating himself lately. Pico said that Everson called him on Saturday 09-22-18 and said he wanted to talk to him at his house. Everson then changed the location to Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis. When Pico got to Hotel Ivy, Everson forgot that he wanted to speak to Pico and didn't want to talk to him. Pico said at no time did Everson make any comments about wanting to hurt himself or others. Pico said Everson is very smart about not making comments like that. Pico said that Everson's speech is rapid and his conversations were irrational. Pico stated while the Minnesota Vikings want Everson to get a mental health evaluation, there is nothing that Everson has said or done that would rise it to the level where immediate action needs to be taken.

Pico said Everson is not a harm to himself or others. I told Pico at this point there isn't anything I heard from him that is concerning where I need to go knock on Everson's door and say "hey you need to go in." Pico said honestly at this point no, there is no need for that.

Eventually, police met with Griffen at his home. From the report:

Everson was outside yelling. Officer Thompson and I approached Everson. Officer Thompson and I spoke to Everson. Everson was making comments about "777" and that he went to Waynes house because "God made me do it" and went on to say that there was a sign on the front door saying "welcome fall" so that's why he went there.

Paramedics were called to the home and Everson agreed to go to the hospital. However, on the way to the hospital, he "got up and jumped out of the ambulance because he was in fear that someone was going to shoot him." The officers convinced him to get back in the ambulance and they escorted him to the hospital.

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Sounds bipolar. Sad.
My first thought hearing this was "man I hope we get him because of this incident" lol
CTE is a hellova drug
Very sad.
Damn... I would shut him down for the season to get his mind back on track. If it's not CTE related its for sure mental issues. let him be with his loved ones and relax from the stress of the game.
Damn that's scary, sounds like the man is possessed.
CTE fasho
Crazy story.
This is what happens when you pick USC over ASU.

Just kidding, sad story. Feel bad for him.

Has anyone actually heard him? He has always sounded like he was a little crazy.
Can we trade for him.
Originally posted by susweel:
Can we trade for him.

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It sounds like he has been hanging out with Aldon Smith.
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