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Antonio Brown

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Originally posted by GNS1310:
Probably time to move on anyway.
Originally posted by Hopper:
Originally posted by GNS1310:
Probably time to move on anyway.

That account isn't real.
Originally posted by fc0828:

Solomon Thomas and a 3rd rounder for AB
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If there was a time to trade Nick Mullens.....
Originally posted by fc0828:

Originally posted by badguy_1:
Originally posted by fc0828:

Solomon Thomas and a 3rd rounder for AB

I could live with that
lol, watch Kittle demand a trade to pittsburgh.

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
lol, watch Kittle demand a trade to pittsburgh.

Lol kittle loves him some 49ers...Pitt is heading in the wrong direction, it's a mess there.
Jimmy G wants it to happen as well!

i'd blow lynch if it actually happened, but we all know it wont.
If we trade for him great, If we don't great. Found a summary about his past on a Steelers message board.

Antonio Brown:
Rough childhood in Miami suburb of Liberty City
Left home because he couldn't get along with stepfather
Homeless, slept on people's couch, TY Hilton's dad took him in.
Couldn't get scholarship to FSU because unfocused in HS and lacked grades
Goes to Prep School, gets scholarship to FIU, kicked out before playing for fighting security guard
Follows Butch Jones to C. Michigan, has to be tutored by WR coach, had to be taught how to go to class and be an adult.
Fathers five kids by three different women over the years
Works his way from game day inactive to Pro Bowl return man, then pro bowl WR
Big money comes, addiction to the spotlight follows as does flashy jewelry clothes and cars.
Does reality shows Dancing With The Stars, Tanked, Tree House Masters, SNF, Madden Cover etc..
Facebook live streams from locker room
Former player Ryan Clark calls him out for being selfish, me first player that doesn't care about winning
100+ mph speeding ticket on McKnight Road
Threatens to beat up reporter
Calls reporter racist
Lashes out and overreacts at Ed Bouchette for reporting on his injury
Sideline blow ups and tantrums
Publicly spars with mother of his child via social media
Makes a "trade me" comment via social media to former Steelers PR guy
Throws furniture off a balcony, is being sued for this
Also being sued for trashing $35k per month condo
Claims to be robbed of cash and jewelry twice in one summer
Calls police to report car missing, slams door In their face when they show up
Numerous sideline blow ups, including being in Fitchners face earlier this year week 2
Showed up late routinely then stopped showing up at all for his local radio and tv show
Showed up very late or not at all for multiple charity events he was advertised to be at including sick kids at children's Hospital
Blows up at QB in practice, skips practices, absent for team exit meetings
A B and Le'Veon with Kittle and the kitty man means Jimmy g will have a slew of weapons at his disposal in 2019. Get er done Johnny boy .
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