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DeForest Buckner Traded to the Colts

Originally posted by susweel:
Good player.

we had to take him because AA was such a flop.

Or they'll be a monster pair of DEs for years to come in the 3-4.

2/3rds of that "3" should be set for years.
This is the Armstead pick all over again! We didn't NEED this guy. Smh
Originally posted by kazak13:
well. good player but we have so much depth at DL

Yes depth....not starters. Dial, TJE, Dorsey, those arent starters.

Buckner will be.
Originally posted by KegBert:
Don't know much about this guy specifically. But I love the niners picking up a solid deffensive linemen.

Hell of a pick. Buckner is a beast.
Great article by PFF on him:
Gonna be some Deforestation up in here. Can't wait to see the effect he has on AA and the rest of the line!
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Nice pick.

I am totally happy.

Wanted RONNIE but this will do.
Gruden does bring up a good point about the height making it hard to get low but eff that, the top of the draft shook out perfectly for SF and I wanted him Tunsil or Conklin and wanted absolutely nothing to do with Jack.

How it turns out remains to be seen but super thrilled with the pick. Shore up the line, saddle him with Armstead in year 2 and (hopefully) a healthy Ian Williams and that line shows promise.

Now nab oline, ILB, OLB and QB.
Yes! This was my #1 hope in this year's draft and we got him. I'd have taken him if we had the #1 overall pick. I liked Jack too, but his knee injury is a concern.

I remember when he was expected to go in the teens, then he really shot up the mock draft boards to the point where many people didn't even think he'd be there at 7. But the 49ers have a makings of a very stout 3-4 defensive line.
He's good but he's no Eric Armstrong
San Francisco 49ers: DeForest Buckner | Grade: A+ A perfect fit for the 49ers' 3-4 scheme, DeForest Buckner reunites in San Francisco with former Oregon teammate Arik Armstead. Buckner was our top-graded interior defensive lineman in 2015, leading the nation with a +43.8 pass rush grade and ranking eighth against the run at +29.8. Perhaps just as impressive, he led the nation with 951 snaps and still kept up his incredible production. Buckner's a disruptive presence, capable of pushing the pocket, winning with his hands and adding excellent range in the run game to make plays. Buckner is the No. 2 player on the PFF Draft Board and the 49ers got a steal at No. 7 overal
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