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Kellen Winslow caught jerking

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Originally posted by sanjo49er:
Crazy stuff for sure. Some people just need Help though. Like real help.Like somebody mentioned above. He had no game or is socially awkward. Dont think thats the case. Guy had money. Money kills game.. Guy is out there .

I don't think it had anything to do with game. Look at guys like Darren Sharper. He had all the charisma, money and looks a guy could want, but instead of going about it the old fashion way, he decided to drug and rape girls who he probably could of slept with anyway... go figure.
Winslow clearly has a weird fetish and probably a hardcore sex addition mixed with a little CTE propensity for violence. Idk, don't they say to the rapist, rape really isn't about sex but power? I don't really understand it, and thank God I don't.
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Originally posted by ltrain:
86?!? God damn

He went from 50's to 71, then 86 if he didn't get caught he might have went after 90's into 100's ... Quadruple Gilf Syndrome

Cadavers may have been next on his list
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