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Was Deion as a Falcon ever hated like Sherman was? Would you ever accept Sherman as a 9er?

Sherman is more of a Darnell Docket than Deion Sanders.
Deion doesn't like Sherman. Deion had the skills to back up his trash talk, Sherman just talks.
You know why people hated Deion Right?

Must be... lol Best CB ever. The total package!
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Deion was a confident jerk with amazing talent.

Dick is a egotistical a*****e with great talent.
The Falcons were a sliver in our sides at worst. The nfcw really was the Niners and not much else for a 10-15 year period there. Deion was good, but not an ass.

I will never accept Sherman as a Niner. Don't care how good he is/becomes. Hate that guy and would spit in his hand rather than shake it.
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Now I can say, NO
deion was a douchebag because he was cocky, but he wasnt a dirty player. i think sherman is definitely more disliked than deion ever was. deion was the best ever tho so hes allowed to be cocky. sherman hasnt proven s**t
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Originally posted by susweel:
Deion was not as douchy as sherman, Deion was more entertaining he wasn't disrespectful to his opponents.

susweelian knowledge

taunting the sideline 30+ yards away from the endzone
Originally posted by Garcia:
susweelian knowledge

taunting the sideline 30+ yards away from the endzone

lol, NFL was a lot different and lax re: taunting back, IIRC the falcons and their local media were talking as much smack as Deion in the week leading up to that game, tho he initiated the war words with his "this is my house" histrionics about the Georgia Dome. Deion had the last laugh!
Nobody has ever been as hated as Sherman. Look how he acts towards opponents, opposing coaches, the media in interviews. He is a complete * hole all day long to everybody he meets. Something is really wrong with his personality. I think he needs counseling. Plus he needs to come down from all the adderal, cocaine, and roid rage. Dude us just tweeked crazy.

Probably not. I bet he was hated most when he was with us in '94, especially in Atlanta. He went back to "the house that Deion built", got in a fight with Andre Rison, and had a pick 6 where he was high-stepping the last 50 yards lol.
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well, it begs the question: if dick sherman ever signed w/ the Niners and did the same thing, picking off RW & returning it for 6, while also taunting the seabags' sideline and shutting up the "12th man"... would he be cool then?
f**k sherman
nvm....just remembered, refs would prob negate the TD

thanks Seattle & Goodell
Of course he was.
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