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Next Dolphins Head Coach

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can someone explain why this team fell so fast? Parcells I thought did such a good job his year with the team, perhaps to me the biggest thing was the injury to Pennington as they had an established guy who took control but they haven't had that since. I always root for the bad teams to do well (unless it's NFC West enemies)
For some reason I see Gruden being paired up with Luck. It just seems to make too much sense to not happen and if its Miami, that would be a true bonanza because that team does have some good talent on it and some solid receivers. Put Luck there, draft well, add a few key free agents and they'll be a perennial playoff team for years to come.

I think Luck would be best off(other than SF of course ) playing in Miami with a coach like Gruden and some good talent around him. I think he would suffer playing in Indy with the current coaching....Caldwell seems clueless, or St. Louis with the current regime in place. I also don't think he'd do all that great in Arizona because Whisenhunt is a slightly less mediocre version of Singletary. He's busily trying to turn that team into Steelers West, regardless of whether or not they actually have the personnel and has been consistently trying to jam round pegs into square holes. I think Luck would would be ruined playing in Arizona under Whisenhunt who's been getting blasted by all the local media here in Phoenix.
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SedanoShow Jorge Sedano by JasonLaCanfora

I have confirmed #Dolphins HC Tony Sparano has indeed put up his house in Davie up for sale this week. Asking price $1.5 mil #790TheTicket

Don't see Gruden as a developer of talent. But then, I don't see him as the Dolphins next HC. He has it easy now. Taking on a loser franchise - ok they have a reasonable D - is only gambling with his rep. No upside.
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Gruden is staying where he is at. He's the next Madden.
This guy.

Whoever it is, to get someone w/a rep, they are going to have to throw some money at him. Someone like Dom Capers comes to mind.

Gruden signed a new TV deal - I don'tsee in leaving that cush job. Cower is a possibility - and being on TV every week w/ Marino - who knows. But that cushy TV job pays a lot and he can be w/his family.
It was reported last year when they spoke to cowher that he had conditions. One of those were that he bring in in certain people into the front office and also have full 100% control. I know they were against both. Or so it was reported.
They could prob use a front office overhaul.
They want a big time coach but will wind up with Mike Nolan as the head coach. Then Nolan and Luck will lead them to the playoffs shocking 49er fans everywhere.

What does cowher want handed to him, a playoff team? Coach one up buddy!
Originally posted by Niner_Demon:
This guy.

Dude has lyrics^^

But I'm leaning towards Urban M
Kory Sheets. Trades #1 pick, still wins super bowl his 1st year with himself as QB.
Singletary is available.
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