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Would it really be that bad if the Cardinals win out?

Would it really be that bad if the Cardinals win out?

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Originally posted by Lott49ersFan:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
How can anybody hate on the Jets? Rookie coach and rookie QB on a team that hasn't done sh!t in ages. Sounds like a team that's easy to root for.

All the rest of the stuff you said, yeah, screw them.

Their rookie head coach has a big mouth and needs to STFU. Screw Rex Ryan, I hope the Jets get their asses kicked too!

I will say what I say ever year.

While the Niners are sucking, I would prefer if every team who qualifies to get their 1st championship....and no more than 1
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
I don't think they will. Their defense is going to be trouble against some of the top teir teams. If the Packers scored 45 points just think what the Saints or Vikings can do...

I'm just trying to figure out how the Saints defense will stop them. I mean It seemed like the cards were able to do whatever they wanted with the Packers defense. Plus Boldin could very well be back for the Saints game. Will be a fun game thats for sure.
I root for teams other than the Niners on a game by game basis to be honest. I usually enjoy watching the underdog pull off an upset. Yes, I rooted for the Cards and Seahawks against the Steelers.

Hell just last week I rooted for the Cowboys over the Eagles.
I really dont like the Eagles.

Next week I'll be rooting for San Diego and New Orleans, and I'm kinda undecided at the moment in the Ravens/Colts and Cowboys/Vikes games.
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