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Eagles name new DC

Due to jim johnsons illness ; Cancer I believe is what it is , he will be out of Football for atleast most of this season , maybe even retire if his condition worsens.

They named Mcdermmot his permanent replacement . I believe he's been with Philly for a while . In my opinion , the defense won't be the same . Johnson is a master of blitzes that's what made the D so great , I see a drop off for the upcoming season.
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Damn that sucks, hate to see someone retire from the thing he loves to do due to an illness like that. Good luck to you Jim Johnson hope you pull through ok.
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I'm not so sure there will be a huge dropoff. McDermott has been a Jim Johnson understudy for over 5 years and been in that organization for 10. He garnered interest from 2 teams for the DC job (both teams ended up opting for experienced 3-4 DC"s in place). I'm sure he'll remain in contact all season long with Johnson receiving input.

McDermott is one of 2 candidates I wanted Sing to bring in had we switched to a 4-3 D this year (the other being Dave McGinnis).
Jim Johnson was one of the class acts of the league, in addition to being a defensive genius. i wish him all the luck
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