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Jake Haener (QB)- Fresno State

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😂 💀

I've never wanted a mid round pick to suck than this guy. He needs a reality check.
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Biggest miss Fresno State ever made was when a head coach by the name of Tim DeIDIOT said NO to a Firebaugh HS product who DREAMED of playing for the Bulldogs.

Josh Allen turned out to be a pretty good QB, I'd say.

DeIDIOT should never be allowed to coach any football team again. Period.
FSU grad...went to the first California Bowl! Every time we are driving south on 99 and see the turnoff to Firebaugh, my wife has to listen to me whine this same, when we see Allen on TV, she says "Isn't that guy you always complain about Fresno State not getting?" Allen was such an easy get for the Bulldogs...damn, if they didn't want him to play QB, he seems like a dominant TE if you're a short-sighted coach!

I went to the second California Bowl. Fresno State edged Bowling Green. Jeff Tedford's final game at QB. CSUF graduate.

I had left the Central Valley by the time the Josh Allen debacle rolled around. Wouldn't hear about it until Allen was drafted by the Bills. By that time Tim DeIDIOT was long gone.

There are at least two people who should never be allowed in college football again. Tim DeIDIOT and the guy who hired him.
just realized Jake Haener mom is Julie Haener TV anchor on KTVU
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