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Darqueze Dennard-CB-Michigan State

This guy doesn't get nearly enough attention for being an outstanding CB. Injury issues have been aplenty but he's really an early 1st round talent with those excluded. He has everything you want in a cornerback, extremely physical, a great press CB, best suited for playing in a man coverage system, doesn't bite on playaction, very disciplined and smart, tremendous character ratings, a leader on the Michigan State defense, teams simply have been avoiding throwing his way. He has all the traits to be a very good NFL CB. He could work himself into being a late 1st round pick.

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I'm not gonna lie, this guy impresses the hell out of me more and more, at this point I'm down with the 49ers taking him in the first round and putting him across from Culliver with Brock as the nickel cornerback next season. He has had some outstanding games and looks like an absolute gamer. He's got terrific athleticism, outstanding quickness and very fluid lateral movement, he can stick with virtually anyone, be it bigger wide receivers on the outside or smaller type slot receivers. I'm a HUGE fan of Dennard's and feel like he's going to be a very good pro cornerback.
Josh Norris of Rotoworld compares him to Aqib Talib.
anyone who went through life with a name like Darqueze has to have some mental toughness lol
interception against michigan...he looks real solid and i would be happy if we drafted him 1st or 2nd round
Darqueze? What a stupid name

haha ok
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NO WAY, thats NOT his name lol, seriously?
haha it really is.....and i agree his name is pretty rediculous, but either way he is a solid prospect. Even though i think we resign brock and get cully back, I hope we cut rogers and draft a rookie in the top 2 rounds for a rotation of cully brown brock rookie and wright or cox
Kid played really well against Michigan's high powered offense. It's always good to see prospects show their skills on the biggest stages. Wouldn't mind seeing him in red and gold.

Drawing comparisons to Deion.....oh lawd. Kinda far-fetched but people are definitely recognizing the skills.

"This might be," Thomas concluded in his report, "that 'next great shutdown cornerback' a Big Ten school has produced."

Dennard is that Thorpe Award semifinalist (nation's best defensive back), leads the team in interceptions and is a likely All-American. Today, he is the subject of a glowing 77-page report from NFL talent evaluator Dave-Te Thomas, who compares him to Deion Sanders and has the meticulous numbers to back it up.
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Add 1 more interception to the tally.
Dennard your new favorite #1 CB over Gilbert? I'd be happy with either one if we draft a CB in the 1st but there's no guarantee either makes it to us in the 1st. Those guys should start climbing especially Dennard. Don't fall in love too hard, sucks when you start liking the guy when he's a 2nd, 3rd round guy and then by draft time we don't even have a chance at him at the end of the 1st.
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Dennard could end up climbing into the Top 10 when all is said and done.

Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard was named this year's Jim Thorpe Award winner, which recognizes the nation's top defensive back in college football.

Dennard is the first player from Michigan State to win the award and the sixth Big Ten player to win the honor.

"Dennard will be an early pick; the question is how early. NFL Media reporter Albert Breer last week quoted an AFC scouting director as being highly complimentary of Dennard: "He's fast; he doesn't get beat. A tough, sound tackler. Just a good all-around player."

Dennard, a physical corner who is comfortable in press coverage, called Michigan State's Rose Bowl against Stanford a "prove-your-manhood" game and said the Spartans will enjoy playing another team that employs "smashmouth football."

According to ESPN Stats & Info, opponents were 3-of-31 passing to receivers covered by Dennard on throws of 15-plus yards.

Earlier in the week, Dennard was a finalist for the Bronko Nagurski award, given annually to the nation's top defensive player. It was the first time a Michigan State player has ever been a finalist for the award.

"The defense had a great year," Dennard said on ESPN. "I couldn't have won this award without my teammates & the coaching staff."
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Might have to trade up for him but it will be worth it. Baalke is usually on the money when he trades up for a specific player! Bring him to the Bay Baalke!
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