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Scott Wright's Updated Draft 1/22/10

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Iupati is overrated

He might be on this board. He's a Guard at Idaho. If he isn't good enough to play LT at Idaho what makes people think he can play it in the pros?...

These guys on the WZ honestly...LOL. "He can play all 5 positions." If he can do that why didn't he at least play Tackle at Idaho? You put your best and most atletic guys at Tackle. Everybody knows that.

He would be massively overdrafted at #13 & 16/17. He's more of a #28 - #45 value guy. I would pick him there but certainly not in the top 17.

We'll get a better view of his skills this week at the Senior Bowl. As of right now he's by and away the most overrated person on the Zone. People here our already about to vote him to the Hall of Fame, and they can make that assestment based off a game against Bowling Green that nobody here watched.

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I was surprise to hear that Wright didn't see Spiller as an every down player. I thought for sure he could be the future starting Rb for us.

People see him that way bc of his small frame. They also saw Chris Johnson and MJD the same way. To me its kinda dumb bc there just aren't too many "everydown" backs anymore in the league. They all split carriers now.

To me its going to be this, how far up is Spiller on our board? McC will pick BPA with one of our picks, If Spiller is there and he's on our board then I think we will get him. After looking at the teams ahead of us, I don't see too many that would take him. Seattle could. Wash and KC could but that would be a little high and then there is Cleveland who has Jerome Harrison but nobody else. Cleveland also has as many holes as we did a few years ago so I doubt Spiller goes there.

Me, I'm sold on the kid. He is our answer for KR and could be something special in the running game too. What if he turns out to be a Chris Johnson type back?

What if he turns out to be a Napoleon Kaufman or Michael Bennett type ?
Went to their site to see whom they projected us drafting and I couldnt be more satisfied with our selections. That would definitely solve our problems with our first round pics, what do you guys think?

13th- Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

San Francisco has had a lot of issues over the years but one constant has been the shaky offensive line play. Joe Staley is a keeper and they have some talent inside but the Niners desperately need to bring in an upgrade at right tackle. Former teammates Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson received more publicity and attention during their time at Oklahoma but Trent Williams is actually a better player and a far superior pro prospect. After excelling at right tackle early in his career Williams moved to the left side as a senior and had some ups and downs, although there were legitimate excuses with injuries and overall inexperience. An excellent athlete who is capable of seeing action on either side, Williams is a terrific all-around player who excels as both a pass protector and run blocker. Trent Williams | Oklahoma Sooners In many ways Williams will remind you of Michael Oher, who is coming off of a fantastic rookie season with the Baltimore Ravens. Keep a close eye on the Niners sketchy quarterback situation too. If they decide Alex Smith isn't the long-term answer once and for all the 49'ers will likely be in the market for a new signal caller and with two first round picks they certainly have the ammunition to trade up. A defensive back such as Florida's Joe Haden or USC's Taylor Mays would be the other option here if by some chance they didn't go o - line.

17th- CJ Spiller RB Clemson

This might be a controversial pick but with two selections in the first round San Francisco might be willing to play around a bit. The 49ers obviously still have Frank Gore, who will only be 27-years-old next season, but he has battled injuries going all the way back to his college days and also missed time each of the past two years. Clemson’s C.J. Spiller would be a perfect compliment to Gore while also providing a huge upgrade on special teams, which was a major problem area. A versatile weapon with blazing speed who is capable of making an impact as a runner, receiver and return man, Spiller isn’t an every down workhorse but he is an explosive playmaker that defenses must account for at all times. C.J. Spiller | Clemson Tigers It’s not an exaggeration to say that Spiller is a threat to take it the distance at any time from anywhere on the field and the success that fellow speed demon Chris Johnson is having in the NFL will surely work in his favor on Draft Day. The Niners could also use some help in the secondary at both cornerback as well as safety and it wouldn’t be a shock if they opted for a linebacker either. Still, there is always a surprise or two in the first round of every draft and Spiller would be an intriguing addition and a solid value for the 49ers at this point.
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No Trent Williams. Bulaga.

C.J. Spiller would be great.
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If I had my druthers I'd take Bulaga too, but he might not be available there. If he isn't Trent Williams is probably the best option for RT.
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Thanks but...

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