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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

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Seahawk Jeff at the game
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Originally posted by StOnEy333:
There he goes. That's what he needed. To step in a little bit. He was missing those 3's bad, but he came in a few steps and nailed it.

and now Klay chokes at the line

if we lose this...god...typical warriors

use the foul that you have to give you idiots God this team is so stupid
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What the s**t was that?
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lol i already know were going to lose this game
Why don't we just flip a coin?
Ya' gotta' admit, we invent new ways to be disgusted by our performance.

See anything ya like? A break from the action.
Barnett: "well, it's a Saturday night, so you might as well stay up late."

5 point lead with 2.20. How are we going do this? Walk the ball up the court. Shoot with 1 second on the shot clock and hope it goes in.
Wow Nuggets take the lead

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we f**king suck

I don't believe this.
What a way to protect a lead. Mark needs to be pile driven through the Spanish announcers' table.
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The Official Mark Jackson Slap.

Jackson Slap!!!!!
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Now thats what you call choking
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