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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

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I'd rock that jersey though
Male cheerleaders
I like it. They should get it in Blue, though.
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Those sleeve jerseys are atrocious PLEASE BURN THEM.
Originally posted by crzy:
Those sleeve jerseys are atrocious PLEASE BURN THEM.

reports say the next step is to have sponsors on them

just kidding, hopefully you didn't kill yourself yet
So we're moving into an Under Armour era of uni's in the NBA? Soon, compression shorts will be themselves.

meh i don't mind them. looks like college players that wear the under armour underneath their jerseys.
yeah, they look neat and all after they're shot with a $3,000 DSLR and photoshopped

shorts/shirt don't even match

I guess it really is a shirt, versus a jersey w/ an under armour-like shirt under

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Yellow alternate

Short sleeves
i didn't like em at first but they're growing on me.. something different for sure
for college football, Oregon always pushes the envelope with their uni's & technology behind them

--but this is dismal. Idea is there, but the execution? ALL ABOARD THE FAILBOAT
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Why does everybody have to be innovative with jerseys. Those sleeves look horrible. THat's not a jersey, that's a T-Shirt.

The jerseys themselves would have been fine.
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