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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

I nominated Baby for the worst single post of the year. LOL
Great win!
Congrats Warriors, you guys really beat the s**t outta my team. Thorough beat-down.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Great win!

Really was. Terrific defense tonight.
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22-10 mother Luckers
Best game of the season. But,,, we need to cut down on our fouls and tos.

Now off to HellA
1 win away from matching last years total lmao
I love this team. No Bogut/ Rush and we're winning like crazy
22-10 Looks great!!!!!! Getting Jack and Landry are the keys.
There my come a time when we won't be able to overcome these stupid turnovers, most of which stem from pure carelessness.

But great win anyway.

they always kept monta ellis off the all-star team because the warriors sucked. well time to get nash, howard, and kobe off the all-star team cuz that team sucks!!!!!
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
22-10 mother Luckers

I thought after the horrible Lakers loss this team would fold but I was wrong!! Great win!!
Baze on the Griffin missed 3 lol

If they beat the Clips on Saturday they are 1.5 games behind.

Blitzing Curry - counter?
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Baze on the Griffin missed 3 lol

That is just classic
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