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Joe Paterno Passes Away

Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I half expected something like this to happen, people die pretty quickly on average after retirement. It's like once their career they defined themselves their whole life with, their body just says "Ok, I'm done."

I was talking to a friend when PSU fired him and I said that I bet he didnt live much longer.
Wow that sucks. He was probably living to coach
Saw this coming. Once he was fired, he didn't have much to keep him going.
Originally posted by vrabbit:
just a sad story

yes it was man
Now, I has a sad.
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damn.... not sure what to say really. Maybe he was closer to the end than we really knew, rest in peace
glad he finally spoke on the scandal before he passed



maybe later
[ Edited by zillabeast on Jan 21, 2012 at 6:10 PM ]!/markcviera/status/160904588176793601

Dan McGinn, the Paterno family spokesman, at 8:57 p.m. on reports about Joe Paterno's death: "Absolutely not true."
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AP now saying he's not dead.

@AP_Top25: Paterno family spokseman Dan McGinn: reports of former Penn State coach's death are "not true."
Originally posted by zillabeast:



maybe later
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darren rovell @darrenrovell

Decide how you want to remember JoePa, but 1 thing he does not deserve is a Twitter play by play of his death.
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Awful Announcing @awfulannouncing

The reports and denials about Joe Paterno is an unfortunate aspect of the ability to break and report news faster than ever.
No matter what you think, Joe was a legend and what happened over the past 4 months was unfortunate. Coaching was probably giving him something to live for and then add on all the scrutiny he was under. Sad sad end to a legendary career. Lets not forget he was a 85 year old man. As he stated, the allegations brought to his attention he felt were over his head and he didn't know how to handle them so passed them off to someone he thought would.
f**king Anthony Davis . . .

The s**t hit the fan and Joe Paterno got his ass outta here.. lol!/AnthonyDavis76/status/160907913689436160

After that he posted; "Oops . . maybe tomorrow" . . . but he deleted it afterwards.