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World Series Similarties. San Francisco,St.louis

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I just dont get how the Cards keep getting so lucky in the playoffs. in 2006 they came in as the worst playoff team and won it all, and this year they came in as the worst playoff team, and are 3 wins from another ring.

It's only luck if your not a fan of the team. Just like everyone else thinks the niners are lucky. It's all about who is playIng the best when the playoffs start and it doesn't hurt that they have the best player in the game in Pujols.

winning 83 games, making the playoffs, and winning the WS, and then being 10+ out with a month to play, Braves have a historic collapse to allow you in, you make it to the WS. thats not lucky to you?

they got to the WS both times fair and square, but both the 2006 and 2011 teams had no business making the playoffs. I watched the Cards this year. they were not good. their bullpen is awful. they just represent the fact that if you can get it somehow, anyone has a chance regardless of how good you are.

In a normal year, the 06 and 11 Cards dont even make the playoffs, so i consider them lucky. twice now outside circumstances have gone extremely in their favor so they could make it.

u should already know it's not about who's the best team overall..its about who's the hottest in Sept.

of course i know that. it doesnt mean i think the Cards should win. you have to give them credit for winning the games needed to make the playoffs, but the Braves were winning that race by a mile, and much like that cyclist that raised his hands 20 ft. from the finish line in the lead, their handlebars spun sideways and they fell off the bike, allowing STL to catch up and win the race.

The Rangers played great all year, they played great in Sept, they have been great in the playoffs. theyre the better overall team, and they deserve to win. it doesnt always work out that way, but im hoping it does.

2011 Cards = 2002 Halos
What similarity? They actually have power behind their bats.
If Cruz inches 2 feet back and makes the catch, this thread is locked.
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