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Best College Football Uin

Originally posted by Hitman49:

I wish Army was a better team, I have always LOVED their Camo's

Originally posted by valrod33:
lol @ college football

college football >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the NFL
Originally posted by rodbeezy:
Originally posted by Hitman49:

TURRIBLE INDEED CHUCK. especially when you loot women's roller derby.

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Originally posted by TX9R:
Pretty much all of these posted are terrible, especially Oregon's 500000 uniforms. What makes college great is the tradition, which none of these have. They are all far too busy and look like gay semi pro league teams. Give me ND, Michigan (regular) UT and the like. For the most part programs with no history or tradition of winning fabricate this garbage to make up for a lack of long term winning. It's why the NYY have had the same unis forever.

at one time true.

now college fb is basically 5 month fashion show. the big market teams with traditions are the main runway.
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