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The Soccer Thread 11/12

Wow that was crazy goal!!


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Ronaldo just answered back with goal.

2-1 real Madrid
Congrats Madrid fans...on winning the la liga! Hope to see you guys in the CL Final.
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This game was too big for Christian Tello. You can see the potential oozing out of him, but he just isn't ready yet. I was shocked to not see Pedro start.

Heard Benfica may make a offer for him this summer with a buy back option for Barca. I'd welcome him aboard

He can team up with Nolito (who btw, had 2 goals and 2 assists today!)

Juventus demolishes Roma today to stay top of Serie A. Also secured Champions League for next season. We're back in the CL baby!!!! fuuuuck yes!!!!!!!

f**k that c**t LAMEla for spitting on Lichtsteiner!!! 4-0 b***h!
The "mighty" Reading FC have secured the Championship title and are back up in the Premier League again for only the 2nd time ever. We'll see if we can last longer than 2 seasons this time! Bring on the Man Utd and Chelsea games!!
Cahill out within 12 minutes already, big blow for Chelsea.
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john terry is a piece of s**t and will always remain that way. So glad he got that straight red.

A bit of redemption for me one the the no hand ball call when they played us.
A red was a little too harsh I think, I don't have a big problem because it was stupid by terry, but such a big game and there wasn't a whole lot in that knee

Maybe not lol
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What a crazy feaking game! Jt with a red, barca 2 goals then ramires scores right before the half! Good lord
Messi choke!!!
One of the most epic defensive preformences of all time. It's all over for barca.
Wow...Barca didn't deserve to go do you not score at least 4 goals on a 10 man Chelsea team at home? Messi looked human the last 3 games. Great job by Chelsea defense...a bit shocked right now.

f**k Real - Go Munich!
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