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Now THIS would be a true MMA VS Boxing even Fight; MARTINEZ VS N.DIAZ

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I never understood the handshaking thing. Unless if you're Mosely and want to jerkoff Manny so he won't kill you every round.
If you're going in the mindset of knocking someone's block off, the last thing on your mind is to shake his hand every round.IMO it's a chess move. You're gonna mistake the kindness for weakness , then KHTFO.

Freddie Roach was basically telling Manny this in between rounds. He was not happy with that performance at all.
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I like fights! It doesn't matter if it's Boxing,MMA,Cat Fight, or even Tickle fight with some hotties! It's just crazy how MMA and also boxing are losing a lot of good fighters due to age and are being replaced with mediocre fighter that they are trying to blow up! MMA use to have personalities,style and charisma that got you ready to throw down like Shamrock's,Gracie's,Tank,Hughes,Couture,Iceman,Ortiz,Vanderlei. Then they were phased out with some more Bad Ass fighters like BJ Penn, Rua's,Rampage, Griffin,St.Pierre,Silva, Machida. After those big names, I really don't see anymore good melting pot of fights! I know they try to blow up the Edgar vs Maynard for a PPV, that is sad! With that said I think Martinez and Diaz will be a good fight. From what I remember Diaz background was boxing?! I think it's going to come down to Gimmick's to start selling PPV.

Maybe you missed the last Edgar/Maynard fight ? It was f**king great.

And there is a lot of younger newer fighters coming up who will be the next wave of great fighters. Jose Aldo, Anthony Pettis, JDS, Velasquez, Bones Jones, Phil Davis, Ben Henderson, Dominic Cruz are all part of that next wave. All of those guys are under 30 and better than mediocre.

As far as the Diaz brothers go, yes they are immature ignorant little f**ks. They were flipping off fans at the weigh ins for GSP/Shields. Those are some of the reasons Dana has concerns about bringing Nick back to the UFC. They don't deal well with criticism and possess big heads. They are talented fighters but not elite. Shields and Melendez are actually the 2 best fighters out of the Scrap Pack.

it just wasn't $60.00 exciting! All the MMA fighters all love each other and they are so nice! Thats why I like Diaz's! They are funny.

They all respect each other, but you don't need fake trash talking all the time just to make a fight interesting. The Diaz brothers are known for their immature, trash talking nature, but they do it to sell a fight. Nick Diaz usually shakes hands with his opponent after a fight. They like to sell themselves, and by selling themselves as bad guys, they bring in more rev.

The Aldo vs. Hominick was awesome, but it's not like they were loving each other. Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann is another example.

Both he and his brother only shake hands with opponents after they win. Watch when they lose, classless as always.

LOL that's true. When they get whooped, they kinda just stay quiet though...with the occasional middle fingers.

They do have that "i want to watch them to see what they do next" quality, and are both pretty talented. They just seem to be lacking in social graces
Although my buddy did meet Nate Diaz at some concert in Tahoe, said he was a surprisingly nice guy.

A friend of mine that I use to train with hung out with the Scrap Pack once. She showed us pics of her with the Diaz brothers and Melendez and said they were really nice in person.
Martinez wins in a boxing match and Diaz wins in mma match.
Martinez' cardio as of right now is on GSP level.

Dude bike rides, runs , even does stuff like speed canoeing everyday.

That dudes guns are off the hinges as well. AND he's a southpaw.

WTF? He's a friggin prototype headhunter.It's no wonder he called out Pac and PBF.
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