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March Madness Thread

Is it just me or is Skylar Diggins freaking hot.
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then they should have won their games homie!

true,true. I think Butler has a great tournament coach, but I would hate to develop a rep for getting to the final four, then showing you aren't big and athletic enough to take on top divisional teams.

What's a top divisional team? I don't even know what that means. Sure Butler lost to Duke and UCONN, but they can beat top clubs. Just ask Pitt, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Syracuse and Kansas State.

Can't help but think of the Buffalo Bills when I think of Butler. The Bills lost that first Super Bowl on the final second field goal then got trashed the next year. It's a shame as I would love to see a mid-major win a major national college championship. It would completely validate the argument for a playoff in college football.

No it wouldn't.

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Is it just me or is Skylar Diggins freaking hot.

she is pretty cute
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Go Tigers!

Born and rasied in St. Louis (but raised as a 9ers fan since 5) I am a HUGE Tigers, Cardinals, and Billikens fan.
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