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Teammate: Kobe headed overseas if lockout occurs

Originally posted by global_nomad:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Originally posted by matt49er:
no way this happens....FIBA wouldn't allow it, the Lakers wouldn't sign off on it and Kobe would really do it IMO unless the Euro team payed him like $100M for 1 year or something.

maybe its just me but people talking about Kobe only going to Europe for money I think aren't thinking straight. its where he grew up. It would be a homecoming in a since for him.

Its like Jordan always want to play pro baseball and a series of events lead him to trying that. I think Kobe has always wanted to return to Italy (where he grew up) and play, and if a lock out provided the opportunity I think he would look into it, regardless of $$$$

yeah and im sure there will be a good amount of italian teams bidding crazily for bryant to get their team talked about and sell out home games
Kobe's going home, looks like
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Originally posted by zillabeast:
Kobe's going home, looks like

He's going to Philly?
Originally posted by crzy:
He's going to Philly?

Kobe a Sixer
Kobe is going to Italy you jackwagons
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