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Ckeck out this dude accuracy

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if the ball doesnt stay in view of the camera then i dont believe it


i dont think it is

It isn't fake. It is the same as those teenagers in the burbs making trick shot basketball videos though. He throws it 100 times and makes one. Rinse and repeat. Splice together into a highlight reel. Anyone could really do it.

Yep. Although I'm sure he's good at it though. I could do that all day and not make all those.
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None of this means he's accurate during a game. If he was he wouldn't be a backup

Put Clay Matthews in his face and let's see him throw an accurate pass
video edited but still cool
I want more proof- Looks like it could be bogus.
He's edited out all the missed shots...

Still very impressive, it would take me MONTHS to make those throws, I might never get some of them.
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