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No National Signing Day Thread?

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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by okdkid:
Looks like Stanford will end up with four or five 5-star players.


Rivals predicted Taylor and Shi-ttu to Stanford earlier today. They signed Peat. They're in the running for a couple more.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Not really Ohio state still had a great class and didn't lose many recruits b/c of those sanctions. And Urban killed it with all the guys backing off from Penn State b/c of Sandusky. Hoke and his staff just flat out did a good job. I'm sure there would have been more competition if Meyer was at Ohio state all year but those sanctions really didn't hurt their recruiting. Mostly due to Meyer b/c he's a beast at recruiting. Ohio state closed strongly.

Here's what I meant by that... if OSU doesn't have its sanctions, they prob still had Pryor last year and Tressel... beat Michigan. Michigan does not win a BCS bowl. Their rep is much lower than it is right now (they are seen as a team on the rise). Thus, they are less attractive to recruits.

That said, I think OSU is better off in the long haul with Urban.
Not bad at all Texas Tech...
worst season in a generation and we still pulled in a top 25 class. With the top 20 class of last season and a new DC and we're going to get out of this ditch sooner rather than later.
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