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Lebron's new "edgy" commerical

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wrong thread
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Originally posted by sacniner:
What you guys think of this commercial? I heard them talking about it on PTI and had to look it up. I actually like it. It's ballsy. Taking a subtle shot at MJ and a not so subtle shot at Barkley...

I would've taken it seriously until I saw them put up 9 in the 1st quarter
hmm...someone needs to start a best sports commercial thread.

That MJ one is pretty impressive. Lebron's....not so much, seems like a cry baby to me. Win a championship then I'll care.
Clevelands response

Originally posted by ads_2006:
Clevelands response

what a bunch of cry babies
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Clevelands response

Scathing! Now Bron has to dunk on Cleveland barber, graffiti artist, bartender, a high school mulatto chick, a farmer, and woman that's cute but for Cleveland is super hot.

All kidding aside, Bron just got smoked, IMO. I wanna' every time I see him in a Heat jersey, whereas before, I was all up in him with RAH-RAHs. (And, as I've said before, I've been to Ohio (step-family in Cleveland) more than any other state not named California or Nevada, so my 6 degrees of separ-HATE-tion, is like whittled down to one.)
Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Clevelands response

what a bunch of cry babies

If you say that about Cleveland, you gotta say that about Lebron, too. It's only fair.

I thought Lebron's commercial was clever when I first saw it. Now, with the Cleveland response, that one is funnier and I like it more than Lebron's commercial.

I used to like the guy. He got onto my douchebag list with the whole decision BS, and now he's clearly fishing for sympathy.

What should you do? Shut the f**k up, win championships and quit your stupid pity party.
I liked the commercial.

I thought the parody vids above were well done as well.

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