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Your Second Favorite Sport to Watch

Your Second Favorite Sport to Watch

World Cup
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1) Hockey
2) NFL
3) College Football
4) College Basketball

Thank you. Finally another hockey guy.

However.. I should note that football (I combine NFL/NCAA) is always and forever going to be #1 in my book.

I'm with you OTC, Football and Hockey = best sports to watch hands down.

Couldn't agree more.Two best and toughest sports in the world.

Yeah, the physical element completely changes a sport IMO. Hockey will always be my #1, I grew up playing it and still play. And for me, no sport is more fun to play.

I will admit Football is a better (the best) TV sport.

Edit: And 49ers will always be my favorite team in any sport. But its an odd relationship, the Niners make me way more stressed and angry then actually happy
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I'm sorry but you just don't have this is any other sport really.
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football > hoops > baseball
I only follow Football, soccer and boxing. I watch boxing the most.
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1 Basketball
3. Football
4. Baseball

just curious, what's the appeal of watching that sport?

Besides the crashes its just fun to watch? I dunno I've always enjoyed auto racing in general I just tend to be a fan of NASCAR more so then the others.
after football it's a toss up between college basketball and hockey. I go to a lot of hockey games and have grown to be a big hockey fan in general. Baseball is alright but living on the east coast and the A's being my favorite team it's hard to keep track of them.
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1. 49ers
2b. Lakers
3. Giants

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