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Lebron will average triple double in NBA sooner or later for a season or two.

Not now. Won't have the ball enough.

He has better shooters, finishers, and players to play with. I actually think his assist numbers will go up. He will find the open guys.

That's just not how it's worked historically. Kobe's best assist year was on the only team that he was on that didn't make the playoffs. Jordan's was before Pippen was a full-time starter and the Bulls weren't a champion yet. West's best season came in his 12th year and coincided with Elgin Baylor retiring. Miami would be foolish to just use Wade off of the ball. I can't fathom him having the ball enough to get 10APG.

Also, Cleveland had 3 of the Top 10-12 three point shooters in the league in Antony Parker, Mo Williams, and Daniel Gibson, and I think they were 2nd in the league in 3 point percentage, despite LeBron's 33.3% mark dragging the team average down. He doesn't have better shooters in Miami, IMO.