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Coffee Retires?

Ghostrider how can you condone the lack of judgement by these ex NFL players? You make excuses for these guys, up until the point that it affects you and then you change your opinion. ie, Coffee speeds past you on the freeway and then cuts you off, you honk at him, drive around him and as you pass him he points the gun at you. Then at that point its a big deal because he is driving with a loaded firearm in his console

Young2rice and Nuns, I'm glad that I am not alone that feels this way. Plus, how does he not have his Cadillac registered or insured?

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What a dumbass...
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I got blasted on this board for stating that Coffee used god as a cop-out because he didn't want to play football anymore. He just wanted to make a quick buck and do gang banger s**t for the rest of his life until he dies or gets locked up.

He has his chance in lifeto succeed and he blew it. No remorse for this idiot. All he had to do was stay on the team and his life would be going in the right direction right now.

God, apparently, told him to quit football for a life of crime? Singletary bought that s**t and let him go. They should have at least filed a grievance and got some money back from this clown.

I don't think I'd even call what Maurice Clarett did "a life of crime" and what he did was much worse. Of course what Coffee did was stupid but I'd hardly call speeding with a gun in the console for a guy with no criminal record "a life of crime" or doing "gang banger s**t." It's not like he's mugging fools for their wallet and phone.

Seriously? He had a loaded and cocked gun. How is that in service of the Lord? He's clearly a phony, and a loaded and cocked gun is gang banger crap. I'm fairly certain he wasn't going hunting.

I'm not trying to defend gangbangers, but your generalization is about as ignorant as it gets.
By the way, F*CK Glen Coffee.

the title sums up how i feel toward this guy.

Serving the lord huh?
he was hunting the devil doing the lords work lol

what a dirtbag. i knew he was a phony lololllllll
Maybe Coffee hooked up with those dudes from that show Supernatural...? Did the cops find any large bags of salt or holy water? I'm just saying....
Lol god works in mysterious ways lol
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