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Coffee Retires?


Coffee announces retirement.
half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Confirmed by multiple tweets from both Matts and The Skinny Post
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:


wow, wtf is going on??
wierd...only played one season?
mayby it was on his bucket list to score 1 td.
lmao. look at the bright side! dixon becomes number two by default! i know alot of you guys wanted that on here.

Originally posted by HomerJ:
wow, wtf is going on??

what do you mean?
WTF x49... why did he go and put on all that weight to retire?
so he bulked up 15 lbs for his ed hardy tees? what a joke, it's time for dixon to capitalize. that also shows how hard it is to make up a sing practice
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who has the Coffee crying gif i made.

post that s**t for the crybaby that he is.
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