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**Utah Jazz Offseason Thread**

Originally posted by saniner:
Originally posted by NinerFanMT:
Looks like Fesenko will be signing with us afterall and not going to Houston.

GOOD. With Okur out, we needed a capable C. Big Al will start, but I do not want to see Elson get more than 3 minutes a game

Thats true lol At least they got 12 fouls to use up for us. The slc tribune twitter page said Elson is gonna get 10 to 12 minutes a game but I have a hard time believing that
Originally posted by NinerFanMT:
Originally posted by Niners99:
O'Connor is a good GM, but when will we figure out that you cant win in the playoffs with a bunch of role players...

Deron Williams is a superstar player. you need 2-3 superstars at least to win a title. its like they just keeping drafting these goofy white guys that play 50's style fundamental ball, and signing career benchies.

until they surround Williams with a couple star players, we'll never get past the 2nd round. im not suggesting we overpay for f/a like Amare, but signing guys like Earl Watson doesnt make us any better. all it does is keeps us idling in the same 5-7 seed caliber every year. how many draft picks are we going to whiff at before we land another Deron Williams? if our drafting had gone better from AK through now maybe wed be in a better spot.

We brought in Al Jefferson who's a guy that can score 20/10 and may become an All Star with Deron. Millsap is a guy that can get around 15/10, CJ is looking like a guy that can score about 15 ppg as well. Not to mention Bell, possibly AK47, and Okur depending on how his recovery time is. We got some players and I think if we get the right seeding this team could go to the Western Conference Finals. I'm still not sure what to make out of the Hayward pick but I love the Watson signing. We haven't had a decent backup PG since Fisher and Watson will be able to give us a lot more than Price or Gaines could ever do. This team's biggest weakness is the wings but who knows guys like Jeremy Evans and Ryan Thompson may surprise us. This season is the most I"ve been excited about the Jazz in a couple years and even though we're not title contenders we did make some good moves after losing Boozer and Korver.

i just dont buy it. Deron Williams is elite, Jefferson and Millsap have the potential to become all stars, but the rest of this team is a bunch of role players. we keep signing these great "fits" to fill backup roles and matchup with other teams backups well, but we are still short in difference makers.

the Jazz rarely seem to take risks, thus they never have crappy seasons, but also never contend for a title. you can already see a 6-7 seed playoff spot, but getting booted in the first round. our 2 draft picks this year were perfect examples of how vanilla this teams strategy is every year (no pun intended).
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