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Why is Reggie Jackson's career as an Athletic overlooked?

I'm not an A's fan nor do I have very much baseball knowledge, so I know this is a NOOBISH question, but this has been on my mind for a while. Didn't he win 3 championships with the A's, so why is he so much better known as a Yank? That, and he seems completely in love with the Yankees in each of his interviews, and not once have I seen him talk about the A's.

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Its cuz he is black
Originally posted by valrod33:
Its cuz he is black

this what i was thinking as well

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no legit answers?
Same reason people will remember A Rod as a Yankee.

Because it's the Yankees.
East Coast Bias.
Originally posted by aman49:
East Coast Bias.

There's the answer. New York is just a bigger stage.
So it's really because of the typical Yankee/east coast bias love, not for some other reason such as more playoff moments or increase in numbers, etc.? I'll believe that, but anyone know why he himself is such a Yankee lover? I'm looking at his bio and he was an A longer, and even ended his career with them. Hell, they retired his number as well.
Look at Gary Plummer (not that he's at RJ's status, but still). He played for years for the Chargers, but nobody remembers him for those days. He's a 49er, because this is a more storied franchise, and he did big things here.

I understand that it's a bigger stage, but he played for 10 years and had a threepeat with the A's. In comparison with the Yanks, he played only 5 years and won two championships. I dunno, but that seems like way too much to be overlooked entirely. From what I see on TV, it looks like he couldn't care less for his career in KC/Oakland.

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Very simple. Jackson's biggest moment was in the 77 Series when he hit 3 homers in Game 6 to clinch the title. He earned the nickname "Mr. October" because of that day and other heroics as a Yankee.

Jackson didnt play in the 72 WS and hit just 2 homers total in 73 and 74. Conversely, he hit 8 homeruns for the Yankees ih the 3 WS he played in. He also hit .385 during those WS for NY.

Also.. come on. Oakland will always be overlooked compared to NY.
Ok, now that's more what I was looking for. So basically he had all his heroic moments with the Yanks. I was under the impression he had a large part in the A's threepeat as well. thx.
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Because he didn't play in San Francisco
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