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Oakland A's Offseason Thread

Finally it's over.

A's lost 7 straight to end the season going 16-4 the previous 20 games. Looked like they were dead tired the past week.

Hey, all that losing did nab us the 10th pick overall in the 2010 draft.
Well looks review the season....

C-Suzuki, played like an all star, should've been an all star this season. .274/.313/.421 with 37 2Bs/15 HRs/88 RBIs this past season and you'd think would have to be considered one of the top ten offensive C in baseball heading into 2010. Great behind the plate. Team MVP. Powell was great as a backup, would like to see more ABs but injuries/durability will be his issue in the future.

1B-Barton, another great end of the season as he's done the previous two seasons. Honestly should've been starter from day one but A's decided that they wanted to win this season instead of what most thought they should've done which was continue to let the youngsters play. He'll probably head into ST next year as the starting 1B. Giambi, signing was a bust. Everidge, nice run, don't know if he has a future in the bigs with the A's.

2B-Ellis, put up solid #s, probably better #s than most expected after missing two months basically. Can he stay healthy next season in what most likely will be the last season for him in an A's uni. Patterson turned it on late in the season, wouldn't mind if he were given a shot to make the 25 man roster as a utility man next season.

SS-Pennington surprised many with his offensive production the last two months. I don't know how likely is it he'll hit .279 and shown the power he has for a full season but if he can, I'd take it to go along with his good D. Cabrera the first 4 months, well he stunk the first two but was great the last two. Crosby, good bye.

3B-Kennedy, was the surprise of the season. Was solid, was streaky but was the best production we've gotten out of a 3B since probably Chavez's last healthy year with the team. I don't know if the A's bring him back, I'd like to but don't know whether the A's will pay him good veteran money with them hoping why I don't know for Chavez to come back healthy for 2010 like with Ellis, will be his last year with the org..the two being the A's players with the longest tenures with the org in the past decade plus. So long Nomar.

LF-Hariston, didn't like the trade when it happened with SD and still don't. His OBP and strike zone judgement was mediocre at best. Holliday, well he had an awful April was pretty good the rest of the season, did land the A's Wallace from STL.

CF-Davis, maybe spoke too soon about being the offensive surprise of the season with Kennedy, Davis was a machine the second half of the season, slumped a bit the past few weeks, maybe because he was getting tired as he basically played all of the second half and he hasn't played really full time since his days in PIT's minor league system back in 06. Gives the A's a very good defensive CF, lead off man and a guy who can cause havoc on the base with the ability if he plays the whole season to be a guy who steals you 60+ SBs.

RF-Sweeney, is a good AVG hitter, but the HR power is still lacking although nice to see those 2Bs the last months of the season. Has some durability issues but still would to see at least 10 HR power and maybe 40 2B ability from him in the future.

...don't know what the future holds for either Buck or Cunningham. Seems as there may not be any room for them with the guys listed above and the likes of Carter and Doolittle as 2010 call ups eventually. Personally would like to see Buck and or Cunningham start over Hariston but that ain't gonna happen.

DH-Cust, had an awful start, maybe because of the philosophy of being more aggressive which Geren and A's fans, I'd include myself though he should be doing more but that's not his game. Put up decent power #s but the SLG wasn't close to the past two seasons. It's not a 100% given he'll be back next season. Don't know if the A's are gonna pay him an advanced pay raise if they feel his production will continue to slide.

Anderson-IMO the future ace of this team, butterflies and a blister injury to his throwing thumb caused him trouble the first few months but was great the second half.

Cahill-was streaky, first dozen or so starts, was great, then had a rough patch but then was good again, bad for a few weeks but finished the season strong with about 7 or 8 very good starts to end the season. BBs/control need to be worked on, where that's 12/6 curve he had early in his minor leauge career where it was considered a potential plus pitch for him, don't think he threw it much if at this season in his rookie year.

Braden-had an 8-9 record but could've had at least 12 had he gotten any kind of run support as he was second in the AL with the worst run support. Has this funky rash injury on his foot, don't know what's up with that but looks to be a solid mid rotation type of arm.

Gio-well the guy has the talent we all know that, he continues his good K/9. BBs and composure will be the key with him but if he can get it right, he can be at least a 3 type rotation arm.

Mazzaro-started off hot, didn't believe the hype to the point where I posted somebody who thought he was the best young arm in baseball this season when he wasn't even the best young arm in the A's rotation. Has issues, still at this point a 2 pitch pitcher so he's gonna need to develop a 3rd pitch.

Mortenson-had good and bad moments, this DUI he had last night doesn't help.

Outman-looked like he was gonna have a season like Anderson but TJ cut it short. Wouldn't expect much from him until really late 2010 and wouldn't expect him to pitch as well as he did this year as a SP until 2011, maybe even mid 2011.

Tomko-was very good during his short stint, don't know if this injury was career ender but wouldn't mind him being brought back as a veteran arm next year as a guy who could even be a long man in the pen which the A's will need.


Pen was GREAT.

Bailey-IMO the AL ROY. Converted his last 21 save chances and was one of the AL's best K relievers/closers. When Devine went down and Ziegler struggled early in the season, he stepped up huge and was great for the most part, AL All Star rep even though I thought then and still think now Suzuki should've gotten it. Could be the closer for the foreseeable future.

Ziegler-started off slow, was really mediocre the first month or so, maybe due to stupid WBC jinx, but was great afterwards.

Wuertz-also was very good to near great thru out the season. A's did alright dealing a bunch of nobody prospects to the Cubs for one of the better AL RPs this season.

Springer-dealt to TB but other than three horrible appearances out of the pen, he was dominate even though the #s didn't shown because they were skewed so badly.

Breslow-traded here from MIN and did very well. Has a very good shot of being the A's top LHRP in 2010's pen.

Kilby-was great in his 17 IP stint out of the A's pen the last few months of the season. Definitely could be the other LHRP next to Breslow heading into 2010.

Blevins-stunk bad early, went to AAA but since returning, did very well. He'll challenge Kilby IMO for the second LHRP in the pen next season, don't know if the A's will carry three LHRP but wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to do.

Gray-like Kilby, waited a long time to finally break the majors and did alright, at this point probably a fringe guy to make next year's pen but could start the year at AAA and be called up if somebody falters.

Cameron-spent most of the year in AAA but did a solid job in his 18+ IP. Like Gray, probably will be in AAA to start next season.

Meloan-hard thrower and once highly thought of reliever a few years ago did a very good job for the A's to end the season. Also could star next year in AAA.

Casilla-bye bye. Guy just is a train wreck at times. Past three years now started off well, got injured and was mediocre the last 3-4 months of season. Would rather have some of the guys listed previously on the A's pen roster next year than "fake Jairo".


HRod-had only two appearances but wow, he threw 99 and triple digits like it was nothing. Probably starts next season at AAA but if he could ever control his stuff consistently, he could be a danger weapon for the A's late in games.
As for the A's may do?

I don't think much this offseason.

Really what position would they address. Maybe one of the IF spots especially the left side but I don't think they'll sign any body big to play 3B with Chavez there even though I doubt very much he'll be able to stay healthy to produce much. I think Pennington has earned to be penciled in at least as the A's starting SS.

I could see the A's adding a veteran SP. Don't know if they'll bring back Duke or Tomko if either are healthy enough, which I have doubts. There's been talk about the A's maybe bringing back Huddy or Mulder next season to be another veteran presence. I'd take Huddy back as I don't think Mulder can pitch a full season, something he hasn't been able to do healthy really since 04 with the A's.

Huddy has issues to with healthy but as for as being a team leader and somebody who the A's young pitchers can look up and learn from, Huddy is as perfect of a vet to bring in as you can get.

Pen looked STACKED for the foreseeable future, if the A's can have even a remotely healthy Devine, talk about a back end of the pen with Wuertz-Ziegler-Devine and then Bailey to close it out.
I'd really like to bring in Hudson. He'd be a nice addition. Also I'd like to have Cahill start next year off in the minors, maybe even Double A. I'd like him to try and work on his control and working some of his pitches back in. I'd also like him to be able to remember what it feels like to dominate again. He was rushed and I think half a year or even a year back in the minors would do him a whole lot of good.

I'd like a rotation of


next year.

btw that Braden foot thing sounds like a staph infection. Wouldn't surprise me given the state of the coliseum.

I'd also like to see us deal Hairston and try to bring in a short term 3B replacement. Either trade for someone like Rolen or sign Beltre to a one year deal to try and use that to springboard to a long term contract in 2011.

We could come up with a lineup of

CF Davis
RF Sweeney
3B Beltre
DH Cust
C Suzuki
1B Barton
2B Ellis
LF Cunningham
SS Pennington

I don't really understand what Cunningham has done to get out of the loop but it's my opinion that he should be given a starting hot.

And bullpen would be

Eveland (long reliever).

If we can get the lead through 6 you have to like our chances of winning with this pen. That's 1 closer and 3 legit setup guys.

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Wow, you think Mazzaro should start next year in the rotation and Cahill shouldn't.

IMO should be the other way around. Cahill yes he was rushed as was Anderson, but Cahill did dominate the majors a couple of times in stretches his rookie season.

He did have the awful start to end the season against SEA but like mentioned he did very well the previous 7-8 starts, basically 5-6 weeks worth of starsts.

From 8/11-9/22 in 8 starts he went 4-0 with 47.2 IP with a 2.65 ERA/1.13 WHIP.

11 GS from 5/2-6/22 he went 5-3 going 65.2 IP with a 3.57 ERA/1.22 WHIP.

Again like with Braden, he received some horrible run support especially early in the season. He easily could have 13 or 14 wins in his rookie season which would've been right up there with the likes of Neimann and Porcello, although IMO Anderson was the best AL rookie pitcher this year, least starter.

Sure Cahill needs to work on things but I don't think demoting him to begin 2010 is the answer. He's gonna get the beat teachings up here in the bigs with C.Young and being around with the likes of Anderson, Gio, and maybe a vet like Huddy.
3B? Once June comes around and Chavez is either ineffective or hurt, as most think he'll be...bring up Wallace, that way 2010 won't count as a service year as so many other teams did this past year with the likes of Beckham with the ChiSox.

Beltre, he looks done, or didn't put up anywhere near the #s he was supposed to. He maybe an NL player and or he was on something for that one great year with the Dodgers because every other season, he's been an average 3B at best. Heck, I'd rather bring back Kennedy who although isn't the defensive player Beltre is and that showed the past few weeks as Kennedy was sort of a butcher at 3B.

And by the way, Kennedy outhit Beltre this past season and probably will come cheaper too to sign.

Hairston, don't know how much value he has and we certainly won't get the value we gave up with Webb who did very well in SD's pen although not a huge loss considering the depth we have there currently and will have in the future. Gallagher IMO was the bigger lost and like with probably Buck/Cunningham, was in the A's dog house but still think at 23, he could end up being a quality mid rotation arm which shouldn't be just thrown away because he has some issues with the FO.

Pen is just loaded, and we'll probably see the likes of Carignan/Demel hopefully sometime next season although been saying that the past two years now.
BA did a list of the top 2010 prospects for the MLB draft.

Dyson ranked 17th and G.Brown ranked 24, two former A's draftees they didn't sign.

In terms of what I'd target if I'm the A's although maybe WAY TOO EARLY but I wouldn't mind going after a top flight high school high ceiling arm. That does go against what the A's have done with top pick and using them on pitchers where they've spent recent 1st round picks on college pitchers in Mulder, Zito, Blanton, Simmons...probably forgetting one other name but the A's haven't used a first rounder on a high school arm since Bonderman and some have hinted that was more of a pick against Beane where he had his scouts urging him to draft Bonderman.

Now they did use a high pick, their first pick being in the 2nd round in 06 on Cahill as they gave up their first rounder in signing Loaiza...

Anyways the A's IMO don't have the high ceiling arm in the minors anymore with the promotion of so many SP arms this season.

Ynoa has the chance to not only be a high ceiling arm but a complete stud if he's the real deal but he hasn't thrown a pitch yet in a real game in the states so who knows at this point although I don't see any reason to rush him. Okay so he won't be King Felix when he zoomed thru the minors for the M's and came up as aI think a 19 year old and is at this time one of the best top 5 arms IMO in baseball right now, but I still wouldn't rush him.

Still he's a guy who all scouts said is a once in a generation type of talent, be careful with him.
AN had a two part interview with Beane the past couple of days.

When I read parts about Geren and Buck, makes me wonder how he truly feels, well at least I think the major of A's fans thinks Beane is BS'ing.

Also Sickels will have a rookie review on Bailey on his site tomorrow.
Read in recent days that Huddy may opt to return to ATL regardless if ATL doesn't pick up the team option for 12 million for 2011.

Been noted he built a home recently in the ATL area so I doubt he wants to come back to the west coach. The guy is from the south and grew up an ATL fan so I think he'd probably not only take the pay cut to remain with ATL but ATL IMO is a team built to win for the next few years while the A's realistically are probably a few years away.

I still think the A's are gonna need to add a veteran SP.

Anderson, Braden, Cahill and Gio are locks to be 4/5 of the rotation. Who makes up that 5th spot is beyond me at this point.

Mazzaro I wouldn't mind if he started off the season in the A's rotation but easily could see him start it in AAA which wouldn't upset me. He did pitch slightly better at the end of the season, well his season as he missed the last months due to an injury after struggling bad beforehand.

Mortenson, again this whole DUI won't help him and he pitched good and bad in his brief A's career the past month plus but he could start the year at AAA too.

Tomko, think he shocked everybody on how well he pitched here...was it a fluke, doubtful even if he does come back he can pitch that well for a full season. Course the whole health issue is a huge concern, it could be career ender for him.

Outman don't think will be anywhere near what he was pre TJ for most if not for all of 2010.

The other A's vet mentioned was Mulder and there were rumors around late July or early AUG that the A's were gonna sign him but that wasn't the case. I don't know how it's likely that Beane will sign Mulder and believe he'll actually make it thru a full season remotely healthy, something I don't has happened since Mulder's 05 season with STL, his first year after being dealt from the A's.

Eveland/EGonz, I hope not. I was actually surprised how bad Eveland was this year. In 08 his rookie season he actually pitched decent and finished the year strong with an altered delivery but he just stunk it up all year long in 09.

Betting MIN fans are happy they got Cabrera now eh.
Well lets see.

Holliday, Giambi, Cabrera all make the playoffs, not with the A's though.

Guess you wanna add in Street and Gonzalez too with COL, Ethier with LAD, Blanton/Stairs with PHI, Swisher with the NYY.

Only team I can't think of a former A's player is BOS.
I can't even think about the A's right now... especially with the 49ers playing so well and the Lakers right around the corner.
Yeah Niners have shocked me how well they've played. They've made me eat my words, although they're no lock to make the playoffs.

Course I'm not buying into Raye and sooner or later this predictable conservative offensive play calling is gonna cost us more so than I believe it did in the MIN game, hello 3rd and 6th.

The next few months will tell the story. If the Niners can go at least .500, 4-4, I'd take it.

Last two games are against DET and STL, if those games at that time are potential division clinchers for the Niners, that's IMO realistic best case scenario for me at least.
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