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Official 2009-2010 WORLD CHAMPION LA Lakers Thread

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Let the championship defense begin. This season is going to be awesome.
"I was perfectly healthy," Bryant said at the Lakers' media day Tuesday. "All I did was get healthier. It's been a long time."

Bryan, a notorious workaholic, said he stayed away from basketball for about "about a good month and a half to two months."...

..."My legs feel rejuvenated," Bryant said. "I feel like I'm in great shape. Nothing is nagging me, outside of the hand and fingers, stuff like that."

Kobe: "I'm just going to go in and do what I did last year."

Kobe: "You got to come with it. We have the talent to win another one. If we don't, it's because our lack of focus or an injury."

Artest: "I definitely need some jewelry and it starts today."

Fisher: "I feel good about the offseason. It was short but now it's time to get back to work."

Fisher: "The winning part will take care of itself if we are all individually and collectively operating at our best."

Fisher on winning it all: "Once you taste it, there's no other taste you want to have and enjoy."
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Originally posted by LA9erFan:

f**k the dodgers. LOL artest is so awkward
Just cuz...

Training Camp Report - Day One

Originally posted by King49er:

ur right, we might as well lock it cuz we all know the lakers r winning the championship again. no point in discussing it

No comment needed.

^^^^ lollolol

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Im jealous...very...very...jealous...
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