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federer.. are you serious???

the illest

(sorry if this is a repost.. i didn't find a us open thread)

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LOL, everyone knew it was coming.

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
LOL, everyone knew it was coming.


lol djokovic's reaction is priceless.. he knew it was over after that

i bet fed practices that all the time
out of all the professional athletes out there I can honestly say that this guy is on steroids
Yeah that was sick. But he's done that before and Andre Agassi has done that before as well.
Oh snap. Federer lost to Martin Del Petro.
And he threw a tantrum, first Serena now Federer.
Originally posted by rigs49:
And he threw a tantrum, first Serena now Federer.

did he? what happened?

i think i jinxed federer posting this video.. who woulda thunk he would lose in the finals
It happens, it's just more hyped because you don't expect tennis players to act like that
He cursed at the judge and said he was going to teebag him.

Roger Federer looks like a mutant Jeff Gordon.
Wow. Best play in tennis I've ever seen, but that's probably because I almost never watch it.
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