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***Official Boxing Thread***

there go b!tch ass bob arum lol

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Cmon Alvarado you were winning
pac rios??
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
pac rios??

is nishioka gonna throw a punch? lol
this fight is whack
there you go!
Donaire needs better opposition
Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Donaire needs better opposition


lol that dude garbagio
That Japanese dude had no business in the ring with Donaire. And the face of the japanese dude when Nonito hit him with the big knockdown was unreal.
Rios vs. Alvarado was

That fight was intense but LOL at Rios calling out Pac after the fight. I wanna see a rematch with Alvarado, who was clearly winning the fight. Props to Rios for having a solid chin.

Nonito v. Nishioka was Nishioka barely threw anything...

85 minutes in

Pavlik says he's 92-95% sure he's gonna take on Andre Ward. He has some "interesting" rants:

Everybody keeps talking about my past problems, but nobody talks about Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, all of these guys, Chavez Jr., they're able to go smoke pot, cockfight, dog fight, do everything else, push their pregnant women down the steps.

Because Kelly Pavlik three years ago everybody wants talk about my past problems

How come three years later for me going to rehab, like Brett Favre, he went to rehab, and there wasn't a question about it, it wasn't a big deal?

How come guys like Manny Pacquiao, like I said, cockfight, this guy can get prosecuted for four years, and gets away with it?

If my godfather was the president of one of the sanctioning bodies, I'm sure I could probably walk away from all my drug tests, and then when I finally do take one, I get busted for f**king marijuana.

I'm still f**king charged with being a drunk three years later!

Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest derelicts in boxing, and I don't care! Look at him, watch all of 24/7, the guy is a typical... f**kUP! But he makes millions so who cares! He makes millions for HBO so nobody cares! But he's able to get away with that?

Manny Pacquiao, on the other hand, great fighter, but he's had his problems, but he changed and became a "born-again Christian"! But how come when I screw up, it's a horrible thing! And I gotta deal with it in every single interview, it's about my alcohol problem!

Now how come Chavez Jr. got pulled over and get a DUI two weeks before his fight and nobody knew about it? I hit a lampost with my ATV 500 yards away from my house, and I'm a felon. How do you that?

You could have Pacquiao that goes and cockfights, dogfights, gambles money and asks for advancements from Top Rank and beats the f**k out of everybody.

You got Mayweather who goes and pokes a sheriff in the eye at a titty club and all these people get away with though, nobody says anything about that! He got sentenced for 90 days in jail and he's not doing half the time and nobody says anything about it! If that was Kelly Pavlik, if that was me, oh f**k! I would be done!
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Pavlik is goin in
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