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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

9-7 I hoping , it wiould be nice !
Have been saying 10-6 the last two to be right one of these years ...right

I want to say 9-7, but I really believe 8-8. I hope I'm wrong.

Go 9ers
Optomistic record 9-7... Realist record 6-10

I have been telling my girl for 3 years that if we go .500 or btter I'm throwing a kegger. If I'm right this year, let me know if anyone is in the Las Vegas area and your more than welcome to come
7-9 but hoping for more
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7-9 because we have a tough schedule.
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Martz will be the X factor in many close games and will add at least 2 wins to an otherwise 7-9 team. A more narrowed focus on our defense by coach Nolan, with the strong help of Singletary & Manusky, just might be the difference between that "winning" season and a playoff berth.

Man I hope so, I think we've earned at least a glimpse of the other end of the tunnel.

Oh ya, 9-7
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5-11 0r 6-10

btw why do so many underestimate the Hawks?
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10-6 this year. I picked 11-5 last year. Wow.

Depending on gonna throw a 8-8 out there.. add me to that ish!
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Originally posted by ninersrule4:
5-11 0r 6-10

btw why do so many underestimate the Hawks?

i sure don't. i don't understand it either.
for jrg
Im going with a 9-7 Season, but hoping for 10-6 or better.
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I don't remember if I post here b4 & i really want to review 17+ pgs of post so here I go. I Wanna C a 10 - 6 Record with every facet of our game vastly improved. Martz should get us on the right track.
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