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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

I am going with 9-7.

Even that will be huge with our tough schedule we have this year.
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7 - 9

I'm hoping for much more but, after last year, I'm not counting any chickens until they hatch some touchdowns.
6 - 10

Splits with NFC West for 3 wins
Wins against Jets, Bill and Miami.

ps...we better win vs the Bills because I'll be at that game!!
with 4 wins in the NFC west
4-12 Oliver......4-12.

Nolan is still the coach. York is still the owner. Add those two together and I get 4-12.
8-8 with Ws at home against NFC west plust one away W againt prob. the cards, and also Ws against Jets, Wash, MIa, Buf. Not good enough to keep nolan on.

If we go off at 1-6,and still have no pass D, nolan gets canned, then martz takes over HC, and we go 7-2 to finish off last 9 games. Still and all, 8-8, but we should have made switch sooner.
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13-7 closing out with a 4 gm winning streak
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Put me in the 10-6 box

Originally posted by BIGTHUNDER:
13-7 closing out with a 4 gm winning streak


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Where's SanDiego49er on the list? I would have expected him on the 0-16 "bandwagon"
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