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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is... Alex or Shaun or JT?

Shaun Hill is gonna shock everyone.

Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill.
ALEX SMITH .....ComeBack PLayer Of The Year!!!

No votes for O'Sullivan

He is going to have a sad St. Patty's day....
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Alex Smith...but he needs to prove himself this year.
Originally posted by 9rFan84:
ALEX SMITH .....ComeBack PLayer Of The Year!!!

to comeback from somewhere shouldn't you have been there first

Just saying
I hope it will be alex, but if shaun hill or o'sullivan beat him out, well, that's okay by me. Also if none of the above, i would be happy with the guy bussing tables at the Palace Hotel---if he is better than anyone we currently have. And honestly, that's what martz said, he likes our QB talent, but will go with whoever it takes that plays best. But i vote for alex.
Originally posted by jdt84_2:
alex smith.

Alex baby..........

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Alex Smith
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Alex Smith

With the right coaching and the right system, he could be a very good QB. I like Hill but Smith has way more upside.
I think that its strange these know nothings vote for Alex Smith over Shaun Hill thats a joke. Alex Smith is one of the worst players in the nfl today at any position. The offense and passing game have been ranked near or at the bottom of the nfl whenever Alex Smith is on the football field. Whats happening to Alex Smith is like a repeat of what happened to David Carr. Their was a handful of lame homer fans that stuck by David Carr until the second he was cut.
Alex Smith will win it. He is very impressive in practice and in drills.
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Alex smith
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