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Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

We all know how Aldon's sacks disappeared once Cowboy was injured. However, Aldon himself was fighting through injuries late in the season. If he is indeed one of the premier pass rushers in the league, he should be able to pressure the QB regardless of whether it is Cowboy, Ray, Tank or Dorsey with his hand in the ground. Demarcus Ware has WHO in front of him? Von Miller? Suggs? Right....
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Yes Justin being out had an imact on Aldon's production towards the end of last year, but for me the bigger issue was Aldon's torn labrum. I think he still would have been productive if fully healthy.
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Not to succeed, but to appear so incredibly dominant, yes - so far. By year 3 or 4 I don't think he will.
Aldon needs to be healthy to succeed
No. He had a pretty serious shoulder injury and he is lucky it wasn't aggravated during the season. He is still young and has a lot to learn. I think he will become a top 5 passrusher in NFL history when its all said and done. Too soon? well he already has more sacks than anyone else in his first 2 seasons and if he keeps this pace he can break 200 sacks. Of course this is all if he is willing to become the best but so far his work ethic has never been questioned.
There will always be a drop-off when you don't have Justin playing in front of you. But i will admit that Aldon has something to prove. I also think he has the ability to do so

nope. Aldon was hurt to. Look at his bullrush toppling over linemen, Justin doesn't have anything to do with that.
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at one time i would have said yes but now that I know the severity of aldons injury, no,, he can be a force by himself
I really like Aldon Smith and I have no idea as to his limits, because we haven't seen them yet.

He's a great player, with or without the cowboy.
How was aldon able to do MMA training with a f**ked up shoulder?
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How was aldon able to do MMA training with a f**ked up shoulder?

you can still train with one arm. He may have started with leg movement until he arm was healthy enough to use.
How come Parys Haralson never had 19.5 sacks lining up next to Justin Smith?
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Aldon needs to be healthy to succeed