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Morris and Harper, Undrafted Steals?

Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Hell no. Hunter is a great running back and our second best running back. An undrafted free agent will have a hard enough time making the practice squad, let alone beating out Hunter.

Its amazing how underrated Hunter is. He has tremendous vision, hits the hole decisively, people look at his size and try to label him in the same category as a guy like Sproles but he's really a hard-nosed power runner, much more physical than some on here seem to believe.
Now how are you gonna start a thread with "i saw these guys highlights on youtube" and not post the damn video?!
Totally forget about him replacing Hunter.

Hunter is a proven back who is stil getting better.

If anyone goes it might be Dixon.

I'm VERY curious about Jewel Hampton - will we ever see him on the field? He's hels a spot for awhile and I'm sure our coaches see something worthwhile in him.
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