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TE Cam Morrah is a 49er

Originally posted by slowriot:
Height: 6-3 Weight: 251 Age: 26
Born: 3/18/1987 Pomona , CA
College: California

16 receptions for 194 yards in three seasons..

Camp competition.

Delanie is from Pomona too. We like TE's from Pomona.
now we can trade vd
scout team informant.
I remember watching him play at Cal. He has good receiving skills
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Originally posted by DatNyjerSireez:

I can't stand that hooker, jackin Russell Simmons
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Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN

49ers' signing of free agent TE Cam Morrah should not impact team's draft.
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I approve the signing of any Bear.

Yeah - this is all about intel on the Seahawks game planning ways. Key to have him for mini-camps - while you are still developing your installation plans for training camp -- so you can get a lot of insight from him. Hope he spends A LOT of time with the quality control coaches discussing film of the Seahawks games!

Pay him handsomely and get all the info possible. :)
At least he is from Cal.
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this is a dead giveaway... now all the other teams know were looking hard at one of the top notch TEs in the draft
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Originally posted by DatNyjerSireez:

that's a sick ass mug
Most likely a 1yr $555K deal.
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