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Will we platoon at FS? ...or will we find a starting Free Safety in the Draft?

Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Rest assured that Dahl is the Starter at Free Safety.

Until the draft.
Originally posted by cwilson830:
Until the draft.

I think the top 3-5 best FS prospects are Cornerbacks. This draft is full of SS.. Rhodes, Amerson, and Sanders Commings can each play either safety spot.
Oh and throw in the cab from Boise assuming he'd gain 10 lbs..
Originally posted by SFrush:
Platoons don't happen often. Don't see it happening here.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of platoons. IMO they rarely work.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by 49ers808:
I think it will be either Cyprien or Reid, depending on who we draft of course

Agreed. I really like Cyprien in particular.

So.....I guess that means it won't be him since they never take the guy I think they'll take.


I'm begining to wonder if Cyprien is strong enough in coverage to handle the FS spot. All of the safety's at the top of the draft seem to be more of the in the box, strong safety variety, save for Vaccaro. I am starting to lean towards the idea of drafting Philip Thomas at the end of the second, and picking up Woodson after the draft.
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