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The Browns have dealt QB Colt McCoy to the 49ers.

Tolzien will beat him out and then steal his soul.
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Browns trade Colt McCoy to 49ers
Nice! Michael gonna hook us up with a 6th Lombardi!
Not bad. Good kid with staying experience. Phenomenal college career.
Harbaugh will trade him for 2 2nd round picks in a year.
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s**t, now we only have 13 picks.
Good move. He was awesome in college, and he had a few moments in Cleveland despite being treated like s**t.
when I heard the Browns were gonna release him, I thought the niners should get him. Could turn into a great backup under Harbaugh if this real, has a lot of untapped potential. Wonder if he still has his scramble ability from the longhorn days
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It's laconb***h , probably not true

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And now this...

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter

Browns official said a trade of Colt McCoy to SF is "imminent", though not completed just yet. CBS initially reported deal.
I aint even excitebike

thought this was funny...
Why are my words all mixed up today
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wtf are you saying
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